What to use instead of SWIFT technology?

2 min readAug 4, 2022

The use of bank cards has become more difficult: both ordinary users and global businesses suffer from restrictions in different countries. People refuse to buy because of high commissions, companies receive fewer orders — the economy suffers as a result.

People try to use alternative methods of payment, but they don’t remedy the situation:

— Wise’s service requires Russian citizens to confirm that they no longer reside in the country. To make a transfer, you need to provide a driver’s license, a residence permit, or a visa valid for more than six months;

— The European neobank Revolut uses the same scheme, but it can be deposited from a Binance account (which must be created in advance);

— “Golden crown” remains the most popular way, but because of the double conversion of currencies, users lose a large percentage of the amount.

The most profitable way in the current circumstances is cryptocurrency — the interest in this case is much lower, and the withdrawal of funds is very simple. This option is comfortable for both people and businesses: an online application is connected to the brand’s website or app, which allows paying for goods and services using wallets with digital assets.

0xprocessing is an innovative cryptoprocessing service that integrates easily into any business. The service:

— Works worldwide;

— Supports payment volatility risk control system;

— Works with 40+ types of cryptocurrencies;

— Integrates Web 3.0 wallets;

— Has a high level of confidentiality;

— Conducts recurring payments.

The team behind the project is constantly working on easy user access to the product and carefully responds to incoming requests. With a tight connection to the business, 0xprocessing creates a truly friendly product and is considered one of the market leaders.

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