Top 5 Crypto Processing Service for Business and Its Main Features

4 min readSep 9, 2022

Today the payment gateway sector is booming, and business owners are faced with the question of how to choose the most profitable, reliable and high-quality crypto payment gateway.

What is Crypto Processing Service and What is It For

Cryptocurrency processing is a service for online transactions that allows companies to accept and process payments in cryptocurrencies.

Both now and a few years ago, cryptocurrencies scared with its volatility. It wasn’t profitable to accept them as a method of payment. Another stumbling block is legislative regulation of cryptocurrencies, depending on which, it became prohibited to accept payments in some countries. Crypto processing service allows avoiding these problems by providing instant conversion to fiat money and legitimate online transactions. In addition, cryptocurrency processing service help:

  • to attract clients and increase their loyalty;
  • to become a member of the international market;
  • to provide privacy of customer data and payments;
  • to conduct quick cryptocurrency transactions with low fees.

Crypto processing service is especially useful for business owners if they don’t want to waste time and understand blockchain technology themselves and need a ready-made solution with useful features and fast integration of cryptocurrency payments. Let’s take a look at the top 5 crypto processing service today.


The service has been working for two years, and during this time it has improved its features so much that it would be no mistake to call it innovative. It is convenient for any business, offers more than 40 cryptocurrencies, and it is the only gateway in the crypto market that supports payment with Web3 wallets. Payments are converted to stablecoin thanks to VRCS, or Volatility Risk Control System. Withdrawals to fiat currency can be made through third-party tools.

It also stands out from other cryptoprocessing services by having the lowest fee — from 0.4% for transaction processing, exclusive recurrent payments — this is a subscription to a service/product for an amount that is predefined in a smart contract. In addition, it has its own blockchain infrastructure and agency processing. With the latter, you can create multiple accounts for agents to accept payments in countries where there are problems with international payments.


It is the first payment gateway for cryptocurrencies, which appeared in two years after Bitcoin. Today it is used by Master Card, Delta, and other big companies. The service offers various plugins for e-commerce, among them Woocommerce, Shopify. There are more than 12 cryptocurrencies used to accept payments, and the transaction fee is 1%.

BitPay also has a cryptocurrency payment card, which can be used to pay for purchases in stores. The service supports a large number of cryptocurrency wallets and has automatic conversion of cryptocurrencies into fiat money. Today it is the most popular gateway, which is most often connected by users from the U.S.A., Canada, Germany, and the UK.


CoinsPaid allows you to accept payments using a large number of cryptocurrencies. Provider quickly converts received cryptocurrencies into any fiat currency at merchant’s discretion. It is also possible to not convert, but simply keep the cryptocurrency in the wallet and use it to pay, for example, with partners.

There are recurrent payments, channels, accounts, and payment links. In this processor, the fee for customers is 1%.

Coinbase Commerce

This provider has been on the market for 10 years. Coinbase Commerce customers can accept payments in 7 popular cryptocurrencies. For the conversion and transfer of cryptocurrency to Coinbase Pro account, there is a 1% fee. You can also choose another method and pay a network fee separately for withdrawal on a third-party wallet.

Coinbase Commerce has integrations with Woocommerce, Shopify and provides an opportunity for merchants to use all the functionality using one of the integrations. Another advantage is the easy way to invoice customers.


The service allows to use more than 175 types of cryptocurrencies as a method of payment and can be used as a cryptocurrency wallet for trading digital assets. In personal account clients can exchange cryptocurrencies on their own, which are automatically transferred to the wallet.

There is a 0.5% fee for transactions, as well as a 1% for a token transaction. In addition, CoinPayments supports integration with e-commerce plugins such as WooCommerce, Shopify, OpenCart and many others. There is a mobile app, POS, API, special software for creating invoices.


Each processing service has its own specific combination of benefits: functionality, security, stability, and reputation. The choice should be guided by your needs. If you need security, functionality, convenience and lower operational costs — we recommend you to try 0xprocessing. The service offers free integration and full support.

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