Payment using Web3 wallets

2 min readJul 22, 2022


The Internet of a “new format”, Web3, was discussed several years ago. Its concept is not fully formed now — it is assumed that the people in the network will be much more rights and opportunities, and the interaction between business, people and the World Wide Web will be very different from the current one.

It is impossible to assume today what exactly this concept will look like. However, the field of cryptocurrency is one of the few where Web3 is being implemented in full force. Cryptoprocessing 0Xprocessing offers people today to use wallets of the new format for personal or commercial use. This makes it possible to appreciate the following advantages:

Security and preservation of personal data.
Blockchain has no technological equivalent. Here it is impossible to delete data or correct information about the conducted transactions, and a person has an inviolable right to anonymity.

Storage of funds without the help of third parties.
Decentralized economy allows getting rid of banks and other commercial structures. The owner of the wallet is solely responsible for its use.

Reduced risks of hacking and system failures.
Social networks are full of stories about how a non-functioning bank app left a person without money in an unfamiliar country or foreign city. There are even more posts about hacks due to data breaches. There are far fewer such cases in blockchain — there is no single point of “control” that could be used to “shut down” exchanges and wallets. Decentralized technology also helps protect against cybercriminals — they would have to shut down the entire network to steal funds.

Unlimited access.
Transactions are not affected by citizenship, income, or current location. This information may not be disclosed at all — these are the laws of the crypto market.

0Xprocessing is the only cryptoprocessing that has created a system to connect Web3 wallets to pay bills. Moreover, it supports an exclusive recurring payment service. Thanks to it, a user can sign up to debit a predetermined amount under a special smart contract provided by the company.

This is a convenience exclusive to the market. Learn more on the company’s website:




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