No plastic: what payment options can businesses offer today ?

3 min readApr 1, 2022


Companies and entrepreneurs spend a lot of effort to make sure that customers learn about their products, go to the website and place an order. But businesses often lose customers at the very last stage due to the lack of a convenient payment option.

Recent events in the world are a reminder of how important it is to follow the news and events of the global economy. Some countries do not have popular payment systems; in others, a large portion of the population uses local companies for money transfers.

What can be done to help as many customers as possible make a purchase? You can work individually with each customer, hiring a staff of managers to be on site at all times — but this method is not proven to be effective. Some people prefer to use marketplaces — but artists, designers, other freelancers can’t be placed on them. There is also the practice of simple transfers to the seller, but in this case, the seller evades taxes, and it is impossible to recognize this method as reliable and correct.

One of the best options today is the introduction of cryptocurrencies as an international means of payment. And, in order not to deal with it yourself, you can connect the 0Xprocessing system.

How does the integration happen? The company owner or a trusted person registers a personal account and requests store activation and provides the necessary data (store ID or email address). This process takes time, but then he can integrate the API, test and run the processing. Fast, easy, convenient.

The company makes the following arguments in favor of connecting cryptocurrency as a way to pay for goods and services:
— Increased customer flow due to anonymity;
— Reducing commission expenses (in banks they reach 10–15% of transactions);
— Solving the problem of fraudulent chargebacks;
— Increase of speed of transactions.

Exactly in 0X you get additional bonuses: personal manager for accompaniment on all stages of connection and work, fast decision of problems and individual approach. Managers of the company will dive into the specifics of your business, give advice and help set up the process in the best way.

In addition, there are already a large number of cryptocurrencies: BTC, DAI, DOGE, ETH, HUSD, TUSD, USDC, USDT, BNB and others. But if you need to add a new one, the company takes into account the individual wishes of customers.

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