Multiple payment methods: how to choose the most suitable?

1 min readFeb 13, 2024

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We’ve got multiple options for receiving #crypto payments. The choice is all yours.👌

Let’s break it down and see which method suits your biz:

🪙 Fixed Amount Payments — Old-school style with a set amount you decide. You’re the boss, and only you can modify that payment amount.

💸 Non-fixed Amount Payments — Shake things up with a form where your client throws down any amount above the minimum you set.

💰 Static Wallet Payments — Unlike other wallets, this wallet doesn’t change its address. Direct payments, fewer oopsies.

💳 Custom Form — Give your clients the keys to the kingdom! They can whip up their own payment form using a link you provide.

Don’t forget! We’re not just about #crypto payments, we’ve got the whole crew: #Web3 wallets, #RecurringPayment, and #CryptoFiat withdrawals in the mix. No doubt you’ll find the perfect match!

Got queries? Free to ask them!

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