How to Organize Crypto Payments in Your Business

2 min readOct 7, 2022

More and more news about the acceptance of cryptocurrencies by stores of major companies is seeping into our lives. McDonald’s customers in Switzerland pay in BTC and USDT, Gucci stores in the U.S. use the top 10 digital currencies to pay for goods, Starbucks also accepts Bitcoin to buy a cup of coffee in the morning. And there are a large number of such examples around the world. Obviously, the demand for virtual coins is growing, so businesses are starting to work closely with them.

A distinctive feature of crypto payments from traditional ones is their unrestrictedness. It is possible to transfer funds without intermediaries to any state. But, besides this, there are other advantages:

  • minimal fee for transaction processing;
  • high speed of transfers;
  • cross-border payments at any time — 24/7;
  • protection of personal data due to blockchain technology
  • no chargeback.

How to Accept Cryptocurrencies?

This is a fairly easy process, reminiscent of the Internet acquiring we’re used to. On the website of the company providing goods or services, you need to integrate a cryptocurrency payment gateway — software that performs the tasks of transferring and receiving cryptocurrencies from buyers.

The buyer, after deciding on a purchase on the site, chooses a cryptocurrency payment method and pays for the goods using a special web interface.

There are several payment options: by QR-code, by wallet address or via Web 3.0 wallet. The option of payment via Web 3.0 wallet is currently available only at one service — 0xprocessing. Besides payment for goods, the implementation of Web3 processing allows you to configure the automatic disbursement of salaries to Web3 wallets of employees of the company.

Using the service simplifies the payment process and protects against volatility. In fact, no matter how unstable the currency is, once it is transferred to the merchant’s account, it retains its value due to conversion into stablecoins supported by the service.

In order to connect a cryptocurrency payment gateway, you need to submit an application on the service’s website, wait for its approval and implement the software on the site.

There are many services on the market today. We recommend to start with 0xprocessing. It is a multifunctional and progressive provider of cryptocurrency payment services, offering more than 40 top cryptocurrencies, agent and Web3 processing, as well as recurring payments and automatic volatility risk control system.

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