How to find and choose a cryptoprocessing service?

3 min readJun 17, 2022

As cryptocurrencies grow in popularity, so does the popularity of crypto-processing. It is not a new term, but it has not yet passed its peak of popularity. Cryptoprocessing is essentially connecting gateways to accept payments in bitcoin, ethereum and other altcoins. It is mostly used on websites, marketplaces, and online stores. It is used to pay for a subscription to a service, or it is used to pay for a specific product or service.

For a marketplace to open a new payment method for clients, it needs to register with the selected service and connect to it. Then everything proceeds according to the following scenario:

- After selecting goods, the customer proceeds to select the currency in the payment system (BTC, ETH, etc.);

- Makes a transfer and gets a confirmation;

- Funds go to the balance of the store/site.

The new user path is very similar to the one that already exists and has become classic, except for the commission payment. The changes for the store are also not big at all — it is easy to get used to them, and the benefits are much greater.

However, the main difficulty when switching to cryptoprocessing is choosing the right service. Search services give at least 20 000 results for this request. Obviously, in order to make a confident choice and find a cryptoprocessing that satisfies all requests, you need some specific criteria. What to pay attention to when choosing?

1. How many cryptocurrencies does the service work with?
It is important to investigate if the cryptoprocessing is a mono-service that cooperates only with BTC, for example. It is also important to evaluate how popular the coins offered are.

2. What is the amount of commission?
It’s simple: the higher the commission, the lower the benefit.

3. How many steps does the buyer and your site/internet store have to take?
A long user path discourages people — it’s too inconvenient and time-consuming.

4. What countries does the service operate in? In what languages?
The wider the geography of crypto-processing, the more opportunities to attract new customers.

5. Is there an automatic conversion of fiat into digital assets?
This is a useful tool for working with clients who are not yet familiar with the world of cryptocurrencies.

6. Does it have a mobile app?
The app also allows you to make the payment more convenient for the customer and the process itself — easier for you.

7. What data storage security criteria does this crypto-processing have?
It helps protect against DDoS attacks and encrypt personal data.

8. Is there a way to quickly generate a payment link?
This way of billing is a great time saver.

9. What documents will confirm your cooperation?
The better the contract is written, the more you are protected from risks.

The other points — convenience, appearance — are strictly individual. But under the maximum criteria, Project 0x fits today. This cryptoprocessing, in addition to the basic factors, offers many bonuses — for example, a personal manager to accompany you at all stages of connection and in the work, fast solution of problems and individual approach. The company’s managers study the specifics of the business, give advice and help set up the process in the best way possible.

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