🏠 Here are the countries that welcome crypto investors for real estate purchases.

1 min readDec 11, 2023

1️⃣ In 2022, #Portugal adopted a law allowing the purchase of real estate with cryptocurrency.

2️⃣ Opening its doors to crypto enthusiasts, #Thailand is a hub for real estate crypto investors.

3️⃣ In #Dubai, the VARA system was created to regulate cryptocurrency, providing a safe environment for transactions with cryptocurrency property.

4️⃣ Recognizing cryptocurrency as a means of exchange, #Malta is a hot spot for real estate transactions.

5️⃣ #Turkey’s “Golden Visa” program allows you to own real estate worth $250,000 and obtain Turkish citizenship using cryptocurrency.

6️⃣ #Canadian government regulations regarding cryptocurrencies make it a place for real estate transactions with cryptocurrency.

7️⃣ #Georgia offers long-term residency when purchasing real estate with cryptocurrency worth over $100,000.

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