Crypto payments: 5 life hacks to increase checkout conversions for merchants

4 min readMay 24, 2023


Don’t let your client slip away at the last moment! Here are some top tips for e-commerce.

In the world of e-commerce, more and more merchants appreciate the benefits of accepting cryptocurrencies as a payment method. It offers convenience for users and allows them to expand the geography of sales, as well as get extra bonuses in the forms of low fees and fast transactions. However, in order to maximize checkout conversion, it’s essential to pay close attention to details.

Here’s a list of 5 common mistakes that may reduce your business conversion. Read the article to discover the solutions and avoid the mishaps.


Payment forms often come with standard functionalities and are designed in accordance with the style of a particular service. As a result, customers can perceive the difference between the store’s interface and the form where they enter their payment details. This discrepancy is one of the main obstacles to achieving high conversion rates. The impression that the customer is leaving the online store during the payment process can undermine confidence in the transaction’s security and the protection of payment data.

The main goal of customization is to integrate the payment page into the overall visual concept of your brand and store. Customization allows for a more harmonious and seamless visual experience between the payment page and the service, thereby reducing the risk of purchase abandonment.

At 0xprocessing, we offer the option to customize the appearance of payment pages for specific merchants or payment service providers (PSPs).

Emphasize the call-to-action (CTA) button

It’s a graphical element on your website that motivates visitors to take a specific action. It acts as a bridge between your product or service and the customer, so it’s important to make it stand out.

Optimize the color and size of the button to make it noticeable on the page. Use simple text, such as “Pay with Crypto”.

A common approach used by many companies is to place the button in the top menu. This way, it remains visible as the page is scrolled, but it doesn’t annoy users.

Using banners

In addition to a CTA button, you can add a banner or visual element on your website’s homepage or product/service pages to draw users’ attention to the option of paying with crypto.

The banner may include an appealing image, text highlighting the benefits of using cryptocurrencyand a link directing users to the payment page. This element will serve as a reminder to your visitors about the possibility of using digital assets and increase the likelihood of them choosing it as a payment method.

Some advantages you can mention are:

  • Security and anonymity
  • Best exchange rates
  • Low fees
  • Worldwide

Payment options

Users may have different preferences when it comes to payment systems. Therefore, it’s important to list all available payment options on the payment page and the checkout page. Don’t forget to mention any specific details or nuances associated with each payment system. This will help users quickly make a decision and save time.

Overloading the template with outdated or irrelevant payment methods can harm the user experience. Quantity in this case does not equal quality and convenience.

One way to increase payment conversion is by making a specific payment option active by default.


Tell your clients which cryptocurrencies you support, how the payment and refund process works, what to pay attention to during transactions, and other questions that you can answer directly on the website. It’s important to remember that the purpose of frequently asked questions is not only to provide users with additional information, but also to address customer concerns and help them make decisions quickly.

In the payment form of 0xprocessing, there is a concise FAQ about payments that can serve as an excellent foundation:

Optimizing payment pages using the described tips and tricks will help increase your conversion rates and meet your customers’ needs. Conduct testing, track user behavior, improve website usability, and speak the same language as your potential clients. All of this will undoubtedly yield positive results.

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