🐃 Bull-run 🟢 flags: Stablecoins or Altcoins?

2 min readDec 6, 2023

Today we embark on an exciting journey through the world of cryptocurrencies! Stablecoins are our beacons in the sea of market turmoil, providing safety and stability. Meanwhile, altcoins are our spaceships, opening new financial horizons.

🔮 Now, let’s engage in market astrology — the 👉Fear and Greed Index👈.

A year ago, this index was like dark matter — full of fear and uncertainty, fluctuating between 20 and 30. Today, however, we are in an era of #light and #greed with the index between 70 and 80. Yet, high values of the index are sometimes viewed as a warning of potential market overbuying, which could lead to a correction or a fall in prices.

🌍 Next, let’s turn our attention to the monumental feats of #BTC and #ETH. Their growth in December 2023 was like the birth of new suns in our financial firmament, overshadowing even giants like Tesla and Visa.

With the departure of #BUSD in 2024, our crypto-galaxy is experiencing a powerful gravitational disturbance. Investors are seeking new havens, redirecting their resources to other stablecoins and altcoins, thereby creating new streams of liquidity.

And here we approach the grand finale! 0xProcessing received more and more requests for listing new altcoins. This reminds us of the infinite diversity of our universe, where everyone can find their star.

💬 So, dear crypto-friends, what will you choose?
Pay in alts or stick to stablecoins?
Your opinions are our star navigation!




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