A tool for your business: Agenсy processing

2 min readAug 12, 2022

How to settle accounts with suppliers and buyers — here’s what’s convenient about agency processing.

Today the world economy is experiencing one of the greatest periods of instability of all time. Communication between countries is disrupted, and all segments of the population are suffering. Small businesses are losing customers, customers are losing the ability to meet their needs, and large companies are postponing new launches and downsizing.

Those who receive or transfer money while abroad suffer the most. They face a number of challenges:

— Some banks are disconnected from the popular SWIFT system;

— Private payment systems set their own rules, and some prohibit users in certain countries from conducting transactions;

— Contactless payment and online banking also do not work in some countries.

People have to find workarounds, but that means higher fees, higher risks and other hassles.

The way out for many is cryptocurrency, which is convenient and fast. Even in P2P-trading, the cost of commission is much lower than in banking, and the speed of transfers is much higher.

However, simple exchanges are a comfortable way out for ordinary people, but for companies and businesses it is still not a simple scheme. For them, the best way to get back to success and achieve new results is to connect an agent-based processing service. With it, a customer can create accounts for people who are responsible for accepting payments in other countries, where global banks don’t work or where Visa and MasterCard don’t work.

The agent becomes a partner and receives a commission for each deposit and withdrawal. The following functions allow you to do your job without any problems:

— Deposit of Stablecoins to the account;

— Guaranteed deposit;

— Replenishment of the balance of any user;

— Statistics of deposits, withdrawals and replenishments.

Agent-based processing is the most developed in 0Xprocessing service. It is convenient for any business. Registration is very fast, without any additional verification, and the integration is done via available API methods.

You can get more information directly here: https://t.me/OxProcessing_bot




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