0xprocessing Updates

2 min readApr 26, 2023

Hello everyone! Recently we’ve updated the 0xprocessing platform and have added several new features. It makes receiving and processing payments much easier.

Technical update

You can now easily track the level of funds in the 0x’s Personal account using low balance notifications.

So as to connect the feature, click on Settings/Notifications/Low balance warning and select currencies and the minimum amount upon reaching which you will receive a notification.

You can choose the method of receiving the notification: via email or via Telegram.

P.S. The amount can be specified in USD or any other available currency.

Ways to add liquidity

Through the Dashboard
Top-up will be carried out without processing fee. You can find the step-by-step manual on how to use the new feature at the link.

We kindly remind you to use a non-custodial wallet. It’s not advisable to send the means from centralized exchanges such as Binance

Through invoice payment
In this case, the amount will be credited on the balance minus processing fee. You can create the payment form using any amount and currency, and pay it via the link.


The link must contain the MerchantID.

Manually on request through the technical support
Our team gives you a wallet for a top-up. Once the payment has been made, send us a transaction hash to confirm it. The amount will be credited and processing fee extracted from it.

👉 Feel free to ask any questions about the update in the Telegram chat bot @OxProcessing_bot




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