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1 min readDec 26, 2023


🌟 Countries where Bitcoin is accepted as legal tender:

1️⃣ El Salvador — A pioneer! Bitcoin is recognized as a legal tender alongside fiat currencies since September 2021. Used for purchasing goods and services.

2️⃣ United Kingdom — Aiming to become a crypto hub. Stablecoins have been given the status of legal tender, and blockchain is being integrated into financial markets.

3️⃣ USA — Cryptocurrency is legal and considered a freely convertible currency. Bitcoin and crypto services are within the legal framework and regulated by financial laws.

4️⃣ European Union — Bitcoin is legal, treated as an asset. There are no laws regulating the crypto market yet, but the MiCA act is expected to come into force in 2024–2025.

5️⃣ Canada — Bitcoin is not a legal tender, but treated as a commodity. Crypto exchanges are regulated as financial institutions.

6️⃣ Japan — Cryptocurrency here is a commodity, not recognized as official tender. Crypto transactions for banks are prohibited, but allowed for individuals and most legal entities.

7️⃣ Australia — Bitcoin is considered property, and crypto transactions are subject to capital gains tax. Storing cryptocurrencies is not taxed.

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