0xProcessing to Remove BUSD Stablecoin

2 min readOct 10, 2023

The acceptance of payments in BUSD must be stopped by December 10, 2023.

Dear Merchants!

☝️ We would like to inform you that BUSD stablecoin will soon be removed from the 0xProcessing platform. As a result, we kindly request that you cease accepting payments in BUSD (BEP20), BUSD (ERC20), BUSD (POLYGON), BUSD (AVAXC), and also withdraw any remaining BUSD coins from your Merchant Account. This decision is prompted by BUSD’s unstable position in the market and Binance’s resolution to halt BUSD emission, as outlined in their recent announcement.

👨‍💻 We have established the following deadlines for discontinuing BUSD usage within our payment system:

❎ To suspend payments in BUSD by December 10, 2023.
❎ To withdraw BUSD from your balance by January 10, 2024.

💲If you have BUSD on your merchant balance, we kindly ask you to withdraw coins to your crypto wallet and consider selling them.
💲If you have savings in VRCS in BUSD, we recommend withdrawing them. To do so, please set the minimum value for withdrawal from the VRCS in the amount of your savings, and then withdraw these funds to a crypto wallet and also sell. Then select another stablecoin for hedging.

🪙 We’d like to remind you that 0xProcessing continues to support stablecoins such as USDT, DAI, TUSD, and USDC.

If you have any questions, you can contact our technical support via email support@0xprocessing.com or ask your question in the merchant Telegram support chat.




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