⬆️ Elevate Your Web3 Processing with Token Integration

1 min readNov 27, 2023

Spicing up your payment options with 0xProcessing is a breeze! Follow these simple steps to add your favorite token on the BSC chain to the whitelist. Dive into smooth interactions with the liquidity pool and supercharge your #web3 processing journey!

🔺 Step 1: Choose Tokens
Begin by selecting the tokens you wish to work with. The available options can be found in the method Info/SupportedTokens.

🔺 Step 2: Add Tokens to the Whitelist
Use the method ContractSettings/AddTokenToWhitelist to add your chosen tokens to the whitelist of the smart contract. This step ensures that the liquidity pool accepts the specified tokens.

🔺 Step 3: Request Execution
Every interaction with the contract generates a request ID. After adding tokens to the whitelist, check the status of your request using Queue/Status/{requestId}. This allows you to confirm the successful execution of your request.

🔺 Step 4: Verification
Post-execution, always verify that your request has been successfully processed. Confirming the status ensures that your tokens are now recognized and accepted within the 0xProcessing ecosystem.

🟩 Congratulations! 🎉 Chosen tokens are now seamlessly integrated with 0xProcessing as a payment method. Now you can provide your customers with a broader range of options.

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